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.: Mauritius

Mauritius is a sovereign country on the continent of Africa at 20°18'0" south of the equator and 57°34'48" east of the Prime Meridian (Greenwich). Mauritius covers a total area of 2,040.00 sqkm and has a population of approximately 1,294,104 people. The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis. Facts on Mauritius:
Name: Mauritius (Code: MU)
Official name: Republic of Mauritius
Status: Sovereign country
Capital: Port Louis
Continent: Africa

Area: 2,040.00 sqkm
Population: 1,294,104
Population density: 634.4 people per sqkm

Currency: Rupee
Currency abbreviation: MUR

Internet top level domain (TLD): .mu
International calling code: +230

Latitude/Breadth: 20°18'0"S (-20.3000000°)
Longitude/Length: 57°34'48"E (57.5833300°)

Timezone: Indian/Mauritius (UTC +4.0)
Current time: 12:36am (Saturday, 23 May 2015)

Languages: Bihari , English, French
Neighbouring countries: none

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.: Largest places in Mauritius

85 places found in Mauritius with a population of more than 2,000 people (sorted by population in descending order):
Port Louis (155,226 people)
Vacoas (110,000 people)
Curepipe (84,200 people)
Quatre Bornes (80,961 people)
Triolet (23,269 people)
Goodlands (20,910 people)
Centre de Flacq (17,710 people)
Bel Air Riviere Seche (17,671 people)
Mahebourg (17,042 people)
Saint Pierre (16,414 people)
Le Hochet (15,197 people)
Rose Belle (12,619 people)
Chemin Grenier (12,457 people)
Riviere du Rempart (11,675 people)
Grand Baie (11,512 people)
Plaine Magnien (10,778 people)
Pailles (10,622 people)
Surinam (10,621 people)
Lalmatie (10,404 people)
New Grove (9,935 people)
Riviere des Anguilles (9,927 people)
Terre Rouge (9,566 people)
Petit Raffray (9,117 people)
Moka (8,842 people)
Pamplemousses (8,836 people)
Montagne Blanche (8,661 people)
Grand Bois (7,804 people)
Long Mountain (7,775 people)
Plaine des Papayes (7,617 people)
Grande Pointe aux Piments (7,556 people)
Brisee Verdiere (7,374 people)
Nouvelle France (7,238 people)
Grand Gaube (7,156 people)
Poste de Flacq (7,133 people)
Beau Vallon (7,016 people)
La Dagotiere (6,915 people)
Bon Accueil (6,553 people)
Quartier Militaire (6,424 people)
Laventure (6,171 people)
Morcellemont Saint Andre (6,150 people)
Port Mathurin (6,000 people)
Ecroignard (5,952 people)
Piton (5,909 people)
Fond du Sac (5,796 people)
Sebastopol (5,745 people)
Roches Noire (5,733 people)
Quatre Cocos (5,724 people)
Petite Riviere (5,331 people)
Camp Diable (5,082 people)
Chamouny (4,913 people)
Cap Malheureux (4,803 people)
Calebasses (4,648 people)
Midlands (4,546 people)
Camp Ithier (4,401 people)
Souillac (4,392 people)
Plaines des Roches (4,218 people)
Saint Hubert (4,170 people)
Olivia (3,980 people)
Notre Dame (3,959 people)
Tamarin (3,764 people)
The Vale (3,707 people)
Cottage (3,646 people)
Quatre Soeurs (3,515 people)
Gros Cailloux (3,361 people)
Albion (3,254 people)
Roche Terre (3,199 people)
Saint Julien (3,188 people)
Providence (3,126 people)
Creve Coeur (3,097 people)
Queen Victoria (3,025 people)
Amaury (2,912 people)
Dubreuil (2,726 people)
Camp de Masque (2,721 people)
Cascavelle (2,613 people)
Arsenal (2,599 people)
Baie aux Huitres (2,500 people)
Grande Riviere Sud Est (2,472 people)
Grande Riviere Noire (2,361 people)
Esperance Trebuchet (2,323 people)
Camp Thorel (2,299 people)
Verdun (2,208 people)
Grand Sable (2,208 people)
Mare La Chaux (2,058 people)
Flic en Flac (2,010 people)
Melrose (2,002 people)

.: Regions in Mauritius

12 regions found in Mauritius (alphabetically sorted):

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