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Countries in the world with C

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There are 20 countries and territories in the world beginning with 'C'.

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Countries in the world with C
ChinaCN9,596,960.0 km21,330,044,000138.6Beijing
ColombiaCO1,138,910.0 km247,790,00042.0Bogota
CanadaCA9,984,670.0 km233,679,0003.4Ottawa
CameroonCM475,440.0 km219,294,14940.6Yaounde
ChileCL756,950.0 km216,746,49122.1Santiago
CambodiaKH181,040.0 km214,453,68079.8Phnom Penh
CubaCU110,860.0 km211,423,000103.0Havana
ChadTD1,284,000.0 km210,543,4648.2N'Djamena
Czech RepublicCZ78,866.0 km210,476,000132.8Prague
Central African RepublicCF622,984.0 km24,844,9277.8Bangui
Costa RicaCR51,100.0 km24,516,22088.4San Jose
CroatiaHR56,542.0 km24,491,00079.4Zagreb
CyprusCY9,250.0 km21,102,677119.2Nicosia
ComorosKM2,170.0 km2773,407356.4Moroni
Cape VerdeCV4,033.0 km2508,659126.1Praia
Curacao*CW444.0 km2141,766319.3Willemstad
Cayman Islands*KY262.0 km244,270169.0George Town
Cook Islands*CK240.0 km221,38889.1Avarua
Christmas Island*CX135.0 km21,50011.1Flying Fish Cove
Cocos Islands*CC14.0 km262844.9West Island
Total: 20-----

There are 15 independent countries and 5 territories or political entities in the world beginning with 'C'.

*) The territories or political entities are marked with *. Please check the respective country pages for further details.

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