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There are 8 countries and territories in the world beginning with 'E'.

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Countries in the world with E
EcuadorEC283,560.0 km217,084,35760.2Quito
EgyptEG1,001,450.0 km298,423,59598.3Cairo
El SalvadorSV21,040.0 km26,420,744305.2San Salvador
Equatorial GuineaGQ28,051.0 km21,308,97446.7Malabo
EritreaER121,320.0 km26,209,26251.2Asmara
EstoniaEE45,226.0 km21,320,88429.2Tallinn
EswatiniSZ17,363.0 km21,136,19165.4Mbabane
EthiopiaET1,127,127.0 km2109,224,55996.9Addis Ababa
Total: 8-----

There are 8 independent countries in the world beginning with 'E'.

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