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There are 10 countries and territories in the world beginning with 'I'.

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Countries in the world with I
IcelandIS103,000.0 km2353,5743.4Reykjavik
IndiaIN3,287,590.0 km21,352,617,328411.4New Delhi
IndonesiaID1,919,440.0 km2267,663,435139.4Jakarta
IranIR1,648,000.0 km281,800,26949.6Tehran
IraqIQ437,072.0 km238,433,60087.9Baghdad
IrelandIE70,280.0 km24,853,50669.1Dublin
Isle of Man*IM572.0 km284,077147.0Douglas
IsraelIL20,770.0 km28,883,800427.7Jerusalem
ItalyIT301,230.0 km260,431,283200.6Rome
Ivory CoastCI322,460.0 km225,069,22977.7Yamoussoukro
Total: 10-----

There are 9 independent countries and 1 territory or political entity in the world beginning with 'I'.

*) The territories or political entities are marked with *. Please check the respective country pages for further details.

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