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.: South Korea
1 Nov 2014: South Korea is the "Country of the day". For more information on this country please click here.

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Each day a different country or territory of our fascinating world is featured on Places-in-the-world.com. "The country of the day" is automatically and randomly selected out of all countries and territories in the world once a day. Political views play no role in the selection.

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Find cheap flights Places-in-the-world.com is a website to find places in the world. Whether you are looking for information on countries and territories or places and cities in a certain country Places-in-the-world.com is the right place in the world wide web to do just that.

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.: Largest metropolis in the world

There are 46 cities in the world with a population of more than 4,000,000 people:
1. Shanghai / China (14,608,512 people)
2. Buenos Aires / Argentina (13,076,300 people)
3. Mumbai / India (12,691,836 people)
4. Mexico City / Mexico (12,294,193 people)
5. Karachi / Pakistan (11,624,219 people)
6. Istanbul / Turkey (11,174,257 people)
7. Delhi / India (10,927,986 people)
8. Manila / Philippines (10,444,527 people)
9. Moscow / Russia (10,381,222 people)
10. Dhaka / Bangladesh (10,356,500 people)
11. Seoul / South Korea (10,349,312 people)
12. Sao Paulo / Brazil (10,021,295 people)
13. Lagos / Nigeria (9,000,000 people)
14. Jakarta / Indonesia (8,540,121 people)
15. Tokyo / Japan (8,336,599 people)
16. Zhumadian / China (8,263,100 people)
17. New York City / United States (8,175,133 people)
18. Taipei / Taiwan (7,871,900 people)
19. Kinshasa / Democratic Republic of the Congo (7,785,965 people)
20. Lima / Peru (7,737,002 people)
21. Cairo / Egypt (7,734,614 people)
22. Bogota / Colombia (7,674,366 people)
23. London / United Kingdom (7,556,900 people)
24. City of London / United Kingdom (7,556,900 people)
25. Beijing / China (7,480,601 people)
26. Tehran / Iran (7,153,309 people)
27. Nanchong / China (7,150,000 people)
28. Hong Kong / Hong Kong (7,012,738 people)
29. Lahore / Pakistan (6,310,888 people)
30. Rio de Janeiro / Brazil (6,023,699 people)
31. Baghdad / Iraq (5,672,513 people)
32. Tai'an / China (5,499,000 people)
33. Bangkok / Thailand (5,104,476 people)
34. Bangalore / India (5,104,047 people)
35. Saint Petersburg / Russia (5,028,000 people)
36. Yueyang / China (5,000,000 people)
37. Santiago / Chile (4,837,295 people)
38. Kaifeng / China (4,800,000 people)
39. Kolkata / India (4,631,392 people)
40. Sydney / Australia (4,627,345 people)
41. Toronto / Canada (4,612,191 people)
42. Rangoon / Myanmar (4,477,638 people)
43. Chennai / India (4,328,063 people)
44. Melbourne / Australia (4,246,375 people)
45. Riyadh / Saudi Arabia (4,205,961 people)
46. Wuhan / China (4,184,206 people)

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