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Continents in the world

Here you find a list of the 7 continents in the world at a glance.

You can sort the continents in the world: alphabetically by continents codes by population by population density

Please click on a continent name for more information on this continent and to find a list of all countries and territories in this continent.

Continents in the world
ContinentCodeCountriesArea sqkmPopulationP/sqkm
Asia AS5244,579,0004,130,318,46792.7
Africa AF5830,221,5321,015,470,58833.6
North America NA4124,709,000539,805,04321.8
South America SA1417,840,000400,143,56822.4
Antarctica AN514,000,0001700.0
Europe EU5310,180,000739,074,37472.6
Oceania OC278,480,00036,066,0494.3
Total: 7-250-6,860,878,259Ø 35.3

There are a total of 250 countries and territories on all seven continents in the world with a grand total population of 6,860,878,259 human beings worldwide.