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Countries in the world with F

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There are 8 countries and territories in the world beginning with 'F'.

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Countries in the world with F
FinlandFI337,030.0 km25,244,00015.6Helsinki
FijiFJ18,270.0 km2875,98347.9Suva
Falkland Islands*FK12,173.0 km22,6380.2Stanley
Faroe Islands*FO1,399.0 km248,22834.5Torshavn
FranceFR547,030.0 km264,768,389118.4Paris
French Guiana*GF91,000.0 km2195,5062.1Cayenne
French Polynesia*PF4,167.0 km2270,48564.9Papeete
French Southern Territories*TF7,829.0 km21400.0Port-aux-Francais
Total: 8-----

There are 3 independent countries and 5 territories or political entities in the world beginning with 'F'.

*) The territories or political entities are marked with *. Please check the respective country pages for further details.

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